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Your Ancestral Healing Journey Begins Here

Welcome beautiful soul, it’s such an honor to welcome you to this journey! During our 3-day online retreat you will unleash your ancestral medicine and unlock the true power of the matriarchy. I will lovingly guide you to unwind from patriarchal patterns that are longing to be healed, so you can become the woman that you were born to be and claim your place in your lineage as a Matriarchal Medicine Carrier.

The ripple effect of this work will be deeply felt in all aspects of your life. This is your destiny and legacy… your sacred mission. For yourself, your lineage, your children, and the world.


This welcome email has important information about Matriarchal Medicine Carriers including the schedule, meeting links, password protected wisdom portal, and more. Make sure to check your promotions and spam folders. You can also search for the subject line of the email: Welcome to Matriarchal Medicine Carriers {important information}

If you can’t find this email within 15 minutes, please get in contact with Tara here.


If you’re a Facebook user, please go ahead and join our Private Facebook group. This is a place where you can receive support during our journey together. Please go ahead and join the Facebook group now, and feel free to introduce yourself and share a few words about what has called you to this journey:

Password: WiseGrandmothers

With love, Tara