Voices of Celtic Wisdom Course

Join me & 22 teachers for this in-depth 4-month journey…a gathering around the fire where we’ll learn and grow together, re-weaving the threads of ancestral remembrance. Payment plans available, doors close December 10th!

Americans: Demand a Ceasefire Now

Make your voice heard by calling your representatives using this simple resource created by Jewish Voice for Peace. If you don’t want to speak to someone directly, call after hours and leave a message:

Protect Stonehenge, Protect our Heritage

On December 12th, Save Stonehenge WHS will be taking the UK Government to court over the unlawfulness of the Stonehenge Tunnel Proposal, which will cause ‘permanent and irreversible damage’ to the world heritage site. Sign the International Petition here or donate to the crowd-funder (to cover legal costs).

Ytene, the White Stag, and the Wise Woman of the Forest


In this blog, I’ll share stories of Ytene (the New Forest) along with reflections & experiences from my pilgrimage to England.

Welsh Witchcraft & Women of Welsh Mythology


In this episode, Mhara Starling shares deep wisdom about some of the magical women of Welsh mythology and the Welsh magical traditions at large. Listen on Spotify & Apple Podcasts.

Irish Goddesses: Introduction Pack


Learn about my 10 favorite Irish goddesses and how to start working with them in right-relationship.

The Roundhouse

Membership Community

A journey into nature-based feminine wisdom from the Irish traditions to remember your innate feminine magic.

An Introduction to Celtic Feminine Wisdom Mini Course


Connect with the Celtic Feminine Traditions & Awaken your Inner Wise Woman. 

Ancestral Activism

What does it mean to be a good ancestor? To me this means healing the past and protecting the future. This is what I call Ancestral Activism. Here are the initiatives that I support: