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Ep11: Reviving the Proto-Celtic Language & the Ancient Ways of Woman


In this episode, Carolyn shares wisdom about living on the wild lands of Dartmoor and her process of reviving and reimagining the Proto-Celtic language; a language spoken by ancient ancestors across various parts of Europe, including the British Isles. 

Carolyn’s work has awakened in me, and many others, a sense of what our Indigenous tongue might have been before the Anglo-Saxons came. There is a bone-deep ancestral remembering that happens in the presence of the Proto-Celtic language—in the speaking, singing and listening of it—that is difficult to put into words. 

During the episode Carolyn shares a song she has written in Proto-Celtic, an ancestral prayer, and ancient rememberings she’s received from the ancestors.

Ep10: Welsh Witchcraft & Women of Welsh Mythology


Wales is a country full of legends and myths about the spiritual world; stories of sacred lakes, healing herbs, women of magic, and the mighty red dragon. The Land remembers these stories and the ancient ways of mystery and magic; traditions that have their roots in old Brythonic Britain.

There are some fierce and magical women in Wales’s ancient mythology who embody the archetype of the Witch in a variety of ways. In this episode, Mhara Starling shares deep wisdom about some of these mythic women (such as Cerridwen, Rhiannon, and Arianrhod) and the Welsh magical traditions at large.

Ep9: Irish Tree Wisdom, Plant Magic & Land Tending

WITH Aoife Ní hEochaidh Réamainn

In the midst of rapid technological advancements, there is an ancient whisper that calls to many of us…a calling to return to the wisdom of the earth and the sacred technology of nature. A calling to reconnect with the land in the heartfelt ways of our ancestors. A calling to remember the medicine of the plants and trees, and how to heal ourselves as we heal the earth.

In this episode, Aoife Ní hEochaidh Réamainn talks about working with trees and plants in sacred ways, her experiences of tending the land, and how being in intimate relationship with nature can support our return to wholeness. She also shares her reflections on the Irish people as “people of the trees” and healing Ireland’s colonial past through the wisdom of the earth.

Ep8: Pathways of Belonging & Courting the Sacred


In this time of displacement, disconnection and overwhelm, so many people are longing for meaningful ways to belong. The questions that we hold close to our hearts are things like: What does it mean to belong to this earth? What does it mean to have roots? What does it mean to belong to my lineage, my ancestors, my cultural heritage?

For those of you who feel this longing to belong, you know how deep it goes. In this podcast episode with Isla Macleod, we’ll be exploring pathways to courageously heal our sense of un-belonging. We’ll talk about remembering our heritage and courting the sacred through earth reverence, altar spaces, ritual, and more.